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Impact the world with your business!

L2†C is partnering with business owners to impact the world for the Kingdom. We are partnered with organizations from around the world sharing the gospel of the Kingdom and meeting the needs of so many people. Be part of this movement to equip and supply those who are in the frontlines brining the Kingdom of Heaven to the cultures of the world.

Here’s how it works…

It’s easy! L2†C will partner with your company and advertise your product/service. We will bring customers to you through our website. Hence, free marketing and exposure. In return we ask is that you would donate 10% or more of the proceeds to us. Your 10% contribution will be tax deductible which is an added benefit. But the bigger benefit is that your company becomes part of global movement helping others around the world. That adds greater value to your business. Fill out the quick form below then click on our “Business” tab on our homepage to watch a quick 1 minute video that will explain more.