Our secondary objective is to motivate and equip the local churches to “think outside the four walls” of their facilities to reach the people in their communities.

Our primary strategy for winning souls for Jesus is conducting outdoor crusades. These crusades are done in open plaza areas near the center of small to mid-size cities. The goal is to reach those who would never attend a church on their own. We spend considerable time working with local churches to prepare for the events and the discipleship that follows.


The goal of the Mexican Christian Mission is to win and disciple the lost for Jesus Christ primarily in under-evangelized areas of Mexico. We strive to do this as much as possible working with local and regional Christian churches.

Stephen Motz



March 7, 2015 - March 7, 2015This program is geared towards women from ages 10 and up. Many women from a very young age are being pressured to fit certain totally unrealistic and unhealthy weight and figure standards. Anyone who wants to come, you are invited, Spanish would be helpful but not required, we can find something for you to do! We would like to have a Spanish speaking lady perhaps share a testimony or experience regarding any of these topics.